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154740 (12.5x 5x36mm) BOSCH / SIEMENS/ Neff laundry machine MOTOR CARBON BRUSHES Set laundry machine carbon brushes

154740 (12.5x 5x36mm) BOSCH / SIEMENS/ Neff laundry machine MOTOR CARBON BRUSHES Set laundry machine carbon brushes
Product Detailed
Washing Machine CARBON BRUSHES : 1. Brand-new products 2.Fits : bosch ,neff, siemens 3.Long working life; 4. small spark.


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    1.Products details

for 154740 carbon brush :


  12.5mm x 5mm x 36mm

Bosch, Neff, Siemens washing machine


Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brush SET

Code No





 2 pcs/set

2.This BRAND - NEW Carbon Brush kit will fit select models of Bosch, Neff, Siemens washing machine,as follows ::↓


   Bosch  : 


  WAA16161BY/09 WAA16165ME/24 WAA16260OE/05 WAA16261OE/13 WAA16161BY/11 WAA16170CE/16 WAA16260OE/08 WAA16261OE/14 WAA16161BY/16 WAA16170CE/17 WAA16260OE/10 WAA16261OE/16 WAA16161OE/01 WAA16170CE/21 WAA16260PL/01 WAA16261OE/21 WAA16161OE/04 WAA16170CE/24 WAA16260PL/04 WAA18160BY/01 WAA16161OE/05 WAA16260IT/01 WAA16260PL/05 WAA18160BY/04 WAA16161OE/09 WAA16260IT/05 WAA16260PL/08 WAA20110AR/01 WAA16161OE/11 WAA16260IT/08 WAA16261OE/01 WAA20110AR/16 WAA16161OE/16 WAA16260IT/10 WAA16261OE/09 WAA20110AR/17 WAA16161PL/24 WAA16260OE/01 WAA16261OE/11 WAA20110AR/24 WOP2401FF/03 WOP2431/02 WOP2471FF/02 WOP2630FF/03 WOP2401FF/12 WOP2431/03 WOP2471FF/03 WOP2650SN/01 WOP2401FF/13 WOP2431/12 WOP2471FF/12 WOP2650SN/02 WOP2407GB/03 WOP2431/13 WOP2471FF/13 WOP2651SN/02 WOP2407GB/12 WOP2450SN/01 WOP2601FF/02 WOP2651SN/03 WOP2407GB/13 WOP2450SN/02 WOP2601FF/03 WOP2651SN/12 WOP2430/01 WOP2451SN/02 WOP2601FF/12 WOP2651SN/13 WOP2430/02 WOP2451SN/03 WOP2601FF/13 WVD24520/01 WOP2430NL/01 WOP2451SN/12 WOP2630FF/01 WVD24520/02 WOP2430NL/02 WOP2451SN/13 WOP2630FF/02 WVD24520/03 WVD24560FF/02 WVG20460TI/02 WVT1260BR/01 WVT1260SA/01 WVD24560FF/03 WVG20560TI/01 WVT1260BR/02 WVT126SGB/01 WVD24560FF/04 WVG24469TI/01 WVT1260EE/01 WVT126SNL/01 WVF2000GB/33 WVG24469TI/02 WVT1260EU/01 WVT2420/01 WVF2400GB/34 WVG24566TI/01 WVT1260FF/01 WVT52050TI/01 WVF2401GB/01 WVG24566TI/02 WVT1260GB/01 WVT52050TI/02 WVF2402GB/02 WVG24568TI/01 WVT1260IT/01 WVT52458TI/01 WVG20460TI/01 WVG24569TI/01 WVT1260NL/01 WVT52458TI/02 

Neff:V4280W1GB/08 W4280W0EU/12 W4380X1EU/01 W5320X0GB/10 W4280B0GB/01 W4280W0GB/01 W4380X1GB/01 W5320X0GB/14 W4280B1EU/01 W4280W0GB/11 W5320X0EU/01 W5320X0GB/17 W4280G0EU/01 W4280W1EU/01 W5320X0EU/05 W5320X0GB/18 W4280G0EU/11 W4380X0EU/01 W5320X0EU/10 W5340X0EU/01 W4280G1EU/01 W4380X0EU/11 W5320X0EU/14 W5340X0EU/10 W4280S0EU/01 W4380X0EU/12 W5320X0EU/17 W5340X0EU/15 W4280S0EU/11 W4380X0GB/01 W5320X0EU/18 W5340X0EU/17 W4280W0EU/01 W4380X0GB/11 W5320X0GB/01 W5340X0EU/20 W4280W0EU/11 W4380X0GB/12 W5320X0GB/05 W5340X0EU/24 W5340X0EU/26 W5340X0GB/10 W5340X0GB/20 W5340X0GB/26 W5340X0GB/01 W5340X0GB/15 W5340X0GB/24 W5420X0GB/14 W5340X0GB/05 Siemens:WD61392GB/13 WH54880GB/01 WM23000GB/01 WM51000GB/01 WE61020GB/11 WH54880GB/04 WM24000GB/02 WM51000GB/11 WE61020GB/12 WH55680GB/01 WM50000IG/01 WM51000GB/12 WE61021GB/01 WIQ1430GB/01 WM50200GB/01 WM51000GB/14 WH50280GB/12 WIQ1632GB/01 WM50200GB/12 WM5487AGB/04 WH54080GB/01 WIQ1633GB/01 WM50201GB/01 WM61101GB/01 WH54080GB/04 WIQ1635GB/05 WM50300GB/12 WM61200GB/11 WH54080GB/07 WM12E468GB/03 WM50301GB/01 WM61201GB/01 WH54080UK/12 WM12E468GB/07 WM5047AGB/01 WM61401GB/01 WH54480GB/04 WM14S493GB/16 WM50900GB/01 WM6147EGB/01 WP91231SN/05 WXL1420/01 WXL147AUK/19 WXLI1240GB/05 WP91281GB/05 WXL142GB/01 WXL166AGB/01 WXLI1240GB/10 WXB1060GB/03 WXL142GB/08 WXL166AGB/07 WXLI1240GB/18 WXD1260GB/01 WXL146AGB/01 WXL166AGB/09 WXLI4240GB/01 WXL120GB/01 WXL146AGB/07 WXL167AGB/09 WXLI4240GB/10 WXL125SGB/01 WXL146AGB/09 WXL167AGB/10 WXLI4240GB/15 WXL127AGB/01 WXL147AGB/09 WXL167AGB/15 WXLI4240GB/20 WXL127AGB/15 WXL147AGB/15 WXL167AGB/16 WXLM112GB/04 WXL132GB/01 WXL147AGB/18 WXL167AUK/16 WXLM120A/04 WXL140GB/01 WXL147AGB/19 WXLI1240GB/01 WXLM122GB/04 WXLM1260GB/27 WXLM166AGB/01 WXLP145AGB/15 WXLS122GB/01 WXLM146AGB/03 WXLM166AGB/08 WXLP146AGB/15 WXLS122GB/04 WXLM146AGB/05 WXLM166AGB/10 WXLP146AGB/20 WXLS122GB/05 WXLM148AGB/08 WXLM168AGB/10 WXLP146AGB/24 WXLS140GB/01 WXLM148AGB/10 WXLM168AGB/14 WXLP146AGB/26 WXLS142GB/01 WXLM148AGB/14 WXLM168AGB/15 WXLP165AGB/01 WXLS143GB/01 WXLM148AGB/17 WXLP145AGB/01 WXLP165AGB/10 WXLS143GB/04 WXLM148AGB/19 WXLP145AGB/10 WXLP166AGB/23 WXLS143GB/05 WXLM148AUK/19 WXLP145AGB/11 

Note: This Part Fitt 3000 types of Bosch Washing Machines, If your Model is not Listed Please Email US !!!

Other part numbers for this item: 154740,154072, 165171, 6900154740, BS12103, BSH154740, CAR93

3. More details, welcome to contact us,

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OEM service offered;

Design service offered;

Buyer label service offered;

154740 (12.5x 5x36mm) BOSCH / SIEMENS/ Neff laundry machine MOTOR CARBON BRUSHES Set laundry machine carbon brushes

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